Probate Services Offered

Glenn’s “One Call Solution” offers a turnkey strategy from start to finish. Below is a list of services provided.


  1. FREE Property Management – Many estates suffer from deferred maintenance. I will take care of Everything from A to Z! At no additional cost, I can streamline the entire process from the removal of abandoned cars and selling house loads of furniture to monthly gardening and pool service, and renovating the home to maximize equity to the estate.
  2. Personal Property – I will coordinate photographing, itemizing and taking inventory of all personal property including cars, trucks and vans, and arrange with the Seller for the sale, disposal or donation of this property.
  3. BPO – I will do a detailed Broker’s Price Opinion. This a valuable tool for negotiating with the Probate Referee. My package will include a narrative summary, photos of the subject property, comparables, maps and letters of recommendation.
  4. Evictions – I can help negotiate move out dates with eviction proceedings.
  5. Lockouts – I will meet with the marshal at lockout and will videotape and itemize all personal property and arrange for storage of possessions.
  6. Secure property – I will secure the property with combination locks and re-key the doors (with standardized keys when possible) and secure the premises.
  7. Occupancy Check – I will go by the property to determine occupancy and talking to neighbors. If occupied, I will get occupants’ name and telephone number.
  8. Utilities – I will determine if utilities are on and if not, I will have them turned on and will handle billing, if the Seller so desires.
  9. Create Equity for Sellers- Improvements – I use my proven “Fix & Sell Strategy” to maximize the price of your family home and at the same time take care of everything from A to Z! I will do initial walkthroughs and generate a detailed list of suggested repairs. I will then get price estimates from the appropriate contractors who are on my approved list. I will present the list and bids to you and discuss which improvements make the most sense to you. The goal is to sell the home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the highest return on investment.
  10. Supervision & Follow through – If you choose to go forward with any of the improvements, I will be 100% responsible for coordinating the work from start to finish.
  11. Inspections – I will walk through and inspect the property once a week, every week.
  12. Updates – I will do monthly marketing updates, 30 day sales and listing updates and property condition reports.
  13. Combination Locks – I will put combination lockboxes on all properties as well as the local board key safes.
  14. Marketing Plan – I will market the property using our extensive “ Marketing Plan.”
  15. Negotiate – I will professionally negotiate all offers, preparing a written summary with comments for your files.
  16. Escrows– I will follow through on each escrow until closing.

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