Per Batch

  • 1 lb butter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 14 Hershey bars (individual size- broken into 3-piece squares)
  • 1/3 lb finely chopped almonds


  • I find that old Revere Ware pans are better than Analon or Circulon for caramelizing. Caramel should be runny in consistency and a true caramel color- novice candy makers are often tempted to pull it off the heat before it’s done.
  • Unwrap chocolate and break bars into squares before you begin.
  • Use a spreading knife or heat resistant spatula to spread caramel on the pan. Spread it fast as it sets up quickly.
  • Have chopped nuts ready to sprinkle so they stick to the melted chocolate.
  • One batch of caramel requires two large cookies sheets.

The Process

Caramelize butter and sugar by stirring constantly over medium heat.
If mixture separates just keep stirring. Takes 20-30 minutes. (Mixture is ready when it is a rich caramel-color and gets crunchy when a small amount is dropped into a cup of cold water)

Quickly pour caramel mixture onto large cookie sheet or baking pan (it hardens quickly so spread it out as fast as possible to make it as thin as possible)

Top immediately with chocolate, laying pieces of the Hershey bar intermittently to provide enough of a layer to cover the caramel once the chocolate melts and can be spread. Chocolate layer should not be too thick.

Sprinkle almonds atop chocolate layer.

Refrigerate or freeze for rapid cooling.

Once chocolate has hardened, flip the layered mixture over so you can add chocolate and nuts to the second side. If it breaks into pieces, simply reassemble it like a puzzle with the non-chocolate side facing up.

Arrange chocolate pieces on top of caramel as per above. Place pan under the broiler for about a minute and watch carefully to melt chocolate. (don’t overheat or chocolate will burn)

Remove pan from oven, immediately spread chocolate and top with nuts.

Return pan to refrigerator or freezer to cool. When chocolate is firm you can break the candy into small pieces in the size desired.

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